Container programs

Over the past five years, we have seen a tremendous growth in 'Container Programs', making it the fastest growing segment of our business.

At Ren-Wil, we understand that you are looking for unique wall décor and lighting to complement other products in your store. We strive to help make your store stand out by developing a unique product mix, helping to build your store's identity and bringing customers through the door. In this extremely competitive market, your company has to offer unique products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices. Ren-Wil's in-house team of designers and artists can develop a customized wall décor and lighting program that best suits your particular needs.

Ren-Wil's Chinese office allows our design team to more aggressively source the most fashion forward materials at the best prices to be used in product development. It also increases our flexibility in building 'Mixed Container Programs', allowing us to combine all three of our product categories into one container, even if sourced from multiple factories. Our quality control team inspects each product individually, ensuring that only top quality products will be delivered to you.

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